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Description of CPR classes


Health Care Provider/BLS

This course is designed for For Healthcare Providers who use a  crash cart, AED, Bag Valve Mask with Emergency Oxygen Equipment such as EMS personnel, Physician Assistants, Doctors, Dentists, Dental Office Staff, Nurses, and Respiratory Therapists who must have a credential (card) documenting successful completion of a CPR course


This course is designed for those who have a duty to respond to a cardiac emergency because of job responsibilities or regulatory requirements such as Medical Office Staff to include (CNA's) Certified Nursing Assistants, teachers, coast guard, fitness trainers, industry, daycare


OSHA/Blood Borne pathogen

Designed for workers in the commercial market who who must receive bloodborne pathogens training in accordance with OSHA standard 1910.1030.  Includes book,certificate.


CPR/First Aid/AED

This combo class of CPR/AED and First Aid Adult, child, and Infant CPR and AED (Defibrillator), Signs of  a Heart Attack in men and women and Stroke! How to help a  choking victim. Designed for Childcare providers, camp counselers,teachers, coaches, personal and fitness trainers.


  • Cuts

  • Burns

  • Epi-pin

  • Heat emergencies

  • Bites

  • heart

  • Stroke

  • much more...



Very popular summer program for teens

age 11 -17. They will learn how to be a safe and responsible babysitter in a fun and interactive classroom environment. The Babysitting Boot Camp will include:


  •  CPR/AED and First Aid Certification

  •  Danger Zones and Pool Safety

  •  Emergency Planning

  •  Promoting your Business Safely

  •  Fun Games and Activities

  •  Healthy Foods and Foods to Avoid

  •  Resumes and Referrals

  •  Business Card Templates

  •  Interviewing Techniques

  •  Money Saving Tips

  •  Child Care Essentials

  • Two year certification from Amercian Health and Safety Institute

Babysitting Bootcamp

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